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. Actual causes, emergence and spreading of pain,
. Chronic pains can turn into serious illnesses,
. Successful cure by means of aetiological pain treatment

The physical pain model
by Frank Mitter from Weimar, Germany

Frank Mitter is a graduate mechanical engineer and works freelance as a structural and construction engineer. He has been dealing with the physical processes in medicine for many years.

To be able to treat pain successfully, the actual causes of pain and their emergence mechanisms must be known. Therefore, the following correlations have been developed. They are based on the recognised natural scientific laws of physics and thus are reflecting the reality very strongly. They are completely new knowledge and mean in detail:

Pain primarily arises from heat. It is a form of energy, namely heat energy. The emergence and spreading of pain have to date been a completely unknown, continuously ongoing physical process for the spreading of heat in the body which works without any influence of the brain. This process is normally a painless one and only painful due to an increased quantity of heat produced, especially in consequence of increased temperature of inflammations. The pain arises as a consequence of intense transmission of heat, whereby the molecules vibrate in a controlled but intense manner and thus stress, strain or damage the body tissue. The transmission of heat aims at emitting the increased heat quantity into the body or to the outside in order to keep the body temperature constant like this.

The transmission of heat is carried out by molecules and – as everywhere in nature – by vibrations, similar to the electric alternating current and reaches every part of the body. This principle supports the fact why there have been no organs developed for this. The emission of heat is not bound to any specific tracts, though it is most likely that there are preferred tracts as described by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The main cause for the intense transmission of heat in the body is the heat arising from inflammations, especially those arising from inflammations at the teeth and during the digestive process. If inflammations are not eliminated aetiologically chronic pains and serious illnesses may arise. These include distinct illnesses like depression, epilepsy, all inflammations at organs, all kinds of arthritis, all kinds of myositis, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, ear diseases, Parkinson disease and most likely tumours, cancers and leukaemia as well.

The vibrations of molecules can be perceived as internal unrest, physical pressure, paresthesia, sharp pains, sweating, dizziness, nausea, abjection, humming noises, shivering. These can transmit inflammation heat to the head and the body and thus inflame the tissue at the target areas where they cause pains and create the prerequisites for a better development of bacteria and fungi. They can damage the tissue at the target areas; this includes rednesses, swellings, acne, discolouration of the tissue and hair, hair loss, degration of calcium carbonate, deformations and also metabolic disturbances, adipogenesis, circulatory disorders, damaging growth processes, stone formation, feelings of numbness, cramps, and paralyses. They can lead to abnormal electrical activity in the heart and consequently to cardiac dysrhythmia. Moreover, the vibration parameters of the pains may reach a magnitude and become visible taking the form of tremor as involuntary movement of the arms or as movement disorders as seen with Parkinson disease.

What importance lies in these conclusions, especially to patients suffering from chronic pains and illnesses? They indicate the causes of chronic pains and illnesses which are inflammations and these are treatable.

The aim of aetiological treatment of pain must therefore be to eliminate the body from inflammations. The main causes are inflammations at the teeth. They can exist over many years since they are hardly perceptible. They must be treated efficiently. For this, the potential cause triggering the inflammation must be eradicated completely. The practical treatment to do so can in most cases be carried out without problems but may get complicated at stages.

After successful treatment, stabbing pains normally disappear relatively fast and diffuse pains would disappear only slowly since, with regard to chronic pains, there are still inflammations in the body that will also have to cure. Painkillers will then not be necessary any longer. They can, however, be taken on request, especially after treatment. The success strongly depends on the quality of the treatment, on the patient’s good oral hygiene and on the damage of the body. Health checks to avoid reoccurring inflammations shall be necessary at regular intervals. The treatment is of aetiological type and remains without side effects. Furthermore, it serves the dental preservation

Do you want to get rid of your pain? Yes.

Then read on: The physical pain model


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